• It is made of very durable Aluminium Bars which are fixed with heat trented bolts.
  • Special rubber rings on an Aluminum supporter prevent wear of cables and hoses. (To customize)
  • Removing unnecessary parts of Link Plate lightens its weight up to 20% (CDK125/130/180)
  • Setting hoses, cables inseparate holes solves problems of strand, disconnection and transformation.
  • Improving sustainability and having plate curved by 1mm prevent it from being crooked, sagged due to the weight of cables and hoses (CDK125/130/180)
  • For superiror strength and moisture environment to get rust easily, it can be made of stainless steel.


  • Crane, Heavy Industry, Iron and steel mill facility, plant facility, Cold stripping and Rolling facility, Machine center and most if industrial application.


CDKH 180